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This might be our favorite division in football. Big Ben's bashed up face/appendix combo, Joey Porter, the Bengals cavalcade of feloniousness, Ray Lewis and sex tapes and murder raps ... oh, and the Browns too. What do the kids think?

Robert Weintraub, Slate: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland.
Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland.
Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland.
Aaron Schatz, FootballOutsiders and Fox Sports: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland.
AJ Daulerio, Deadspin Cultural Oddsmaker: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland.
Michael David Smith, Football Outsiders: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland.
• Deadspin: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore. We're going to stay out of the whole "should you be a Browns or Ravens fan?" discussion today. We've caused enough problems.


If you can sneak away from your Chris Henry/four teenage girls sandwich, we encourage you to drop your predictions in the comments.