$20 Million, Spread Out Over Five... Months

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Houston Chronicle sportswriter Richard Justice mentions in his blog that he's hearing that the Astros have offered Roger Clemens $20 million for five months of work. If my rusty math is correct, and Clemens was employed by the Astros for 150 days, and started one game every five days, and threw 100 pitches in each of those games, that would come out to about $1,667 per pitch.

And of course, those numbers are likely way higher than what reality would actually dictate, and that $1,667 per pitch is a very conservative estimate. In addition, Clemens, as noted here, lives in Houston, his son is a member of the Astros organization, and he and Astros pitcher Andy Pettitte are like, total BFF. It's hard to see much of a downside here for ol' Rog.


Clemens has said that he won't be playing in May, but a decision about where/if he's going to play could come sometime soon. If the offer of $20 million really did happen, and he doesn't take it, someone really should consider kicking his ass.

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