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(11) Michigan 47, (2) Notre Dame 21. I don't think there's anything that the college football watching public enjoys more than seeing Notre Dame get beaten - nay, romped - in a big game. I didn't get to publish even a small fraction of the overjoyed comments that came as a result of Michigan's 47-21 victory yesterday in South Bend.

(17) Miami (FL) 7, (12) Louisville 31. This was an ass-beating. It's not that rare anymore to see Miami lose, but it is rare to see them get completely beaten down. It wasn't an all together great day for Louisville fans, though, unless you take a lot of pride in having the most talented group of injured players in the nation. Brian Brohm will be joining Michael Bush on the sidelines for about 4-to-6 weeks.


(15) Oklahoma 33, (18) Oregon 34. This is what bugs me about instant replay. I wouldn't mind the momentum-killing, excitement-draining, game-lengthening delays if they could get the fucking call right. Don't get me wrong, I was rooting for Oregon, but... it's hard not to believe that Oklahoma got the shaft. Hard. Both ends of it. Fred Smoot style.

(6) LSU 3, (3) Auburn 7. SEC, defense, smashmouth, physical, etc. I get it. But shouldn't the 6th- and 3rd-ranked teams be able to combine for more than 490 total yards of offense, combined? Texas had more than that themselves. So did Cal. I'm not saying these aren't good teams, but let's acknowledge some offensive ugliness, too.

(7) Florida 21, (13) Tennessee 20. I get the feeling that Phil Fulmer is going to feel an enormous sense of relief when he's eventually fired. He went 5-6 last year, and Florida continues to own him, and the combination of those two things pretty much ensures that his life is going to suck for the forseeable future.


(19) Nebraska 10, (4) USC 28. This wasn't any fun. Nebraska wasn't good enough to pull the upset, but they weren't bad enough that I'd feel justified in laughing at Bill Callahan. They're a pretty solid team. Adding to the lack of fun, however, is that USC appears to be awesome again, and won't be losing anytime before November.

Clemson 27, (9) Florida State 20. You think Tommy Bowden feels bad for embarrassing his father? How is it that one team gets lined up and snaps the ball while the defense is still standing around, looking at each other with their hands on their hips, and wondering what defense they're going to run? And is there any particular reason that Florida State wasn't calling timeouts, trying to save some clock on Clemson's final drive?

(8) Texas 52, Rice 7. It's worth mentioning that Rice had -12 rushing yards. Nothing else is, though.

Northern Colorado 14, Texas State 13. Northern Colorado, the school with the punter-stabbing-punters won today on a dramatic... blocked punt. No one even needed a knife.