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In the grand tradition of the egg fertilizers of Mary Pierce and Todd Marinovich, we present Frank Colavecchia, the father of Rocco Colavecchia, a quarterback for Shenango High School in New Castle, Penn. Last week, Frank posed as a scout from Ohio University — to get into character, we suspect he GHB'd himself — to sneak into the practice of Mars High School, the team Rocco and Shenango were playing the next week. He videotaped the team's defensive alignment, but claims he didn't go over it with his son.

The result: a school-record 457 yards in a 41-35 win. And an apology, sort of, from Big Frank.

"I screwed up. It was stupid," he said. "I was an overzealous parent. But on the other hand, Rocco probably wouldn't be where he is today if I wasn't an overzealous parent."

Hoo boy. Hey, Rocco: You have pretty much a free ticket to become a drug addict in 10 years. No one would blame you.


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