So remember, the Sklar Brothers-Bill Simmons feud? Simmons apparently has disliked the "Cheap Seats" hosts' comedy sensibilities for years, and, probably because it's not exactly ESPN's most popular program, Simmons has been allowed to openly mock it in his columns. The Sklar brothers have always seemed bewildered by Simmons' vitriol, though, considering their show appears to be in its last days on ESPN Classic, it's hard to consider them the ultimate victors. (Though they were on "Law & Order," which is a definite point in their favor.)

Anyway, apparently in this week's "Cheap Seats" — we didn't watch it, naturally — the Sklar brothers slipped in a dig at Simmons, posting his picture and alerting other ESPN employees "not to lend tapes to his person." An understated, kind of limp joke, but the photo still they chose has to make it worthwhile.


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