Contrary to the popular opinion concerning blogs, we consider ourselves pretty nice guys. We mean well for humanity, pet puppies, occasionally give change to the homeless, say please and thank you, all that. But there's still this mindset that blogs are somehow mean. Therefore, we're looking inward and starting a sporadic feature called "Deadspin Moral Quandary." It will look at issues involving moral issues in the sports world, from both sides, and try to determine which side is right, and which is wrong. If you have suggestions for potential topics, please let us know at Today: Peter King Vs. Kissing Suzy Kolber.

So we heard word the other day that had been preparing a mention of our friends at Kissing Suzy Kolber, basically mentioning their take no prisoners, fan-friendly approach. It was a complimentary bit, which is certainly why it was killed, most likely because of Peter King.


Why does everyone's favorite NFL beat guy dislike the KSK guys so much? Well, back in July, the gang posted pictures of Peter King's daughter, taken from her Facebook profile, that might have implied she was somewhat intoxicated. Quite an uproar ensued, and ultimately, KSK caved and took the photos down. King, perhaps understandably, was still not pleased, and may have put the kibosh on the mention.

The question is: Who's right? Come with us as we listen to both sides and try to come up with a reasonable moral solution.


"It's unbelievable that Kissing Suzy Kolber would post a photo of Peter King's daughter. She is a private citizen who deserves to remain that way. What kind of weirdo would go looking for photos of a guy's daughter, for crying out loud, and then post them to the Web? Peter King is just a guy doing his job, and they go out and post embarassing photos of his kid."

"Please. Calling Peter's kid a 'private citizen' is pushing it, don't you think? He's mentioned her countless times, the school she attends, the sports she plays, even the dorm she lives in. The only reason they knew where to find those photos was because Peter had given them a road map. If he had never written about her, they would have never known to look for the pictures. He made his own bed."

"I repeat: This is the guy's daughter. You think he's happy that she has a Facebook profile with drunk pictures? No one would care about those photos if he weren't in the public eye, and they're using his daughter to settle imaginary scores with him. I mean, that's a free column: If they really don't want to read about his surgeries or field hockey, they don't have to. Going after him for that is just petty. No one has chained them to their computers."

"First off, Peter King is an excellent football resource who is required reading for any real fan. But it's not just that: His television career really took off not because of the magazine, but because of the Web column. The reason he became so popular is because he opened up his world (and his writing) to an online audience. You have to take the good with the bad on that; the Web's a tough place, and if you start talking about your life as if it is somehow lived in public, you open the door for all aspects of it to be looked at. Oh, and, by the way, it's not like they sneaked into his daughter's dorm and snapped those pictures of her. She had them taken, and she posted them to the Internet. She clearly wanted someone to see them."

"But these are just anonymous dudes — 'Unsilent Majority?' 'Captain Caveman?' 'flubby?' What the hell is that? — tossing pictures up on the Internet without any accountability. There's nothing you can do back to them, because they hide behind the closed door of pseudonyms. There's no appreciation, no standing up for what they say; people know what they know about Peter because he has the guts to back up his own words. And Facebook is also a private site that's meant only for friends and associates; they went into a site they weren't supposed to have access to."

"Yeah, it's so 'private' that they were able to easily hop on and grab them. You know how hard it is to get a photo off Facebook? RIGHT CLICK. Surely, if his daughter is smart enough to post photos to her site, she knows this. As for anonymity and transparency, it's a lot easier to contact one of those guys than it is to contact Peter King. Email one of them, and email Peter King, and see which one gets back to you first."

"You're a dick."

"No, YOU ARE."

So, folks, whaddya think? Who's right? We're eager to hear your thoughts in the comments, anonymous or otherwise.