The big "shocking" report from the BBC about a brewing soccer scandal in Europe has finally aired, and it turns out that the problem is ... bungs!

Hey! We're Americans! What's a bung, buggers?

Well, it turns out that a bung is a "payment made outside agreed terms, less like a bribe and more like a tip. A bung might be paid to a manager bringing in a player, or letting one go." GOT IT. And apparently it kind of sort of is rocking Euro soccer after the BBC's report last evening. How earthshattering is it? Well, the report says there's a "Bung Culture," which typically involves a petri dish.


Sorry, sorry: We can't get past this "bung" thing. But we're gonna try anyway. The only real issue, according to Soccernista, is the possibility of Chelsea being docked points for recruiting players who are too young, or something, we're not sure, that sentence had "bung" in it too.

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