This gentleman is named Arthur Abraham, and he's the IBF middleweight champion, whatever the hell that means anymore. If you're looking at his hat and thinking, "Gee, that kind of looks like a Smurf hat," well, you're right: That's exactly what it is.

You see, Abraham is a boxer who is obsessed with The Smurfs. He calls himself "The Smurf," and he — seriously — actually uses The Smurfs theme song as his ring entrance music, which, without question, is the lamest goddamned entrance humanly possible, save for maybe anything by Creed.


And now The Smurfs are pissed. Those who own the rights to The Smurfs theme song have demaned Abraham to cease-and-desist playing the song before fights, and they'd like him to lose the hat too.

Those with the copyright for The Smurfs were initially alerted to Abraham's act when they noticed all his knockouts ended with his opponent being kicked out of the ring, landing on his head and straightening his glasses with a shrug.

Smurfin' Boxer Told To Stop Smurfin' Around [Dejuiced]