This, friends, is UNLV coach Mike Sanford. Two weeks ago, his Rebels lost to Iowa State 16-10, on a close call late. UNLV's wide receiver was ruled out of bounds, and Iowa State left the field with the win.

But Sanford wasn't satisfied, to say the least. Convinced that the play had not been reviewed, he stormed to the officials' office and then back out onto the field, demanding to talk to "the athletic director." Meanwhile, he refused to let his team leave the field, claiming that the game wasn't over. And he had a camera with him, which is why we are fortunate enough to enjoy this.


The great joke about this: The officials actually had reviewed the call and ruled the receiver out of bounds. It's just that nobody told Sanford.

Rebel Without Cause [The Wizard Of Odds]

(By the way, the Iowa State loss to Iowa last week caused some unfortunate aftereffects, as witnessed after the jump.)

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