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So the big Orioles protest went down yesterday, and, on the whole, the organizers — disappointingly, a radio station — have to be pleased with the coverage. "SportsCenter" had a short segment on the "Free The Birds" business, though The Washington Post is oddly muted in the paper this morning.

That's not to say they completely ignored it, though; Dan Steinberg and his Post-aided DC Sports Bog actually hung out with the protestors yesterday and came away impressed, if a little confused.

I got in an argument with some FreeBird about whether it was realistic to expect every team to have a winning record. He argued, as many of the FreeBirds do, that he wasn't asking for a winning record, just for some progress toward a winning record. Nasty Nestor claimed this movement isn't about wins and losses, it's about treating fans with respect. Either way, today the FreeBirds added another chapter to the history of American dissent.

Gently mocking attitude aside, Steinberg mostly seems sympathetic to the fans' cause. And Angelos' reaction? Ha. Angelos had no reaction, unless you count "tossing a couple thousand dollar bills and cute puppies on the fire while drinking the blood of a eagle out of the horn of a rhino" as a "reaction."


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