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When we go through our Friday selection of various weekend previews, we hit the usual suspects (King, Simmons, Zimmerman, O.J.) and then always make sure to drop in on The Ex-Burgher's Tecmo Bowl previews. Essentially, he uses the Tecmo Bowl prototype (with updated rosters!) from the Tecmo Super Bowl Repository and downloads the newest version.

And then he coaches as one team against the other. (We do a variation on this with Madden 2007, except we let the computer play itself, which means we spend part of our day watching fake video game football players play against other fake video game football players.) The results are always entertaining, particularly because we now know what a Tecmo Bowl version of Fred Smoot looks like. Scary.


Right now, the Tecmo theme song is going through your head. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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