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A brother's remembrances.
• Football can be extremely violent, and if you're not careful, you'll —- HUGH!
• We knew the beer at RFK Stadium was bad, but this is ridiculous.
• It's probably not a good idea, in general, to be Joey Porter's neighbor.
• Whatever it takes to fire Americans up about the Ryder Cup.
• We tried to make nice with Jay Mariotti, but it didn't work, so it's back to the sewer with us.
• Listen, we apologized already, yipes!
• Louis Gossett Jr. is trying to help, but he'll just get you shot.
• We tried to inject some morals around here, and of course failed.

Tomorrow, at noon ET, our Illini play a nationally ranked team. What could possibly go wrong? The Mighty MJD will take you through all the madness and what-not, and we'll be back Monday morning, if we make it back from RFK in time. Have a most pleasant weekend, ya'll.