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The sideline reporter at the Georgia-CU game just said that Ugga, Georgia's mascot, is "built for pleasure, not speed". Yikes. - Hotwingz0

• Chris Spielman suggested that maybe Mario Manningham had been flagged for "illegal batting of the ball." Shortly thereafter, he realized that he had just invented a rule out of thin air and praised Manningham for wisely batting the ball out of bounds. I'm not saying Spielman is incoherent, but there are some guys at the Benedictine/Concordia game that are more aware of their surroundings than this. - drocksportsguy


• Well, we got rained out of tailgating after an hour of trying to withstand it. So you know what that means, an afternoon of power hours and calling each other names. - goathair_3

• Okay, now Sean McDonough just informed the nation that Chris Spielman is farting in the booth. I hope Spielman punches that little leprechaun in the face during the commercial break. - jgp3553

• Three games on ESPN (Louisville, Louisville, Florida) in the last two years, someone at the network must enjoy seeing us flogged on national television. - Ian, Lexington, KY

• Joe Paterno makes the Shoe smell like old people - Pfef

• Apparently, Kansas State is so horrible that they have driven their coach to smoking. That's the only reason why I can give as to why he has some huge patch on the back of his head. - Dtor in Cleveland


• Sideline reporter in Mich/Wisc game about Wisc RB PJ Hill: "Big butt, wide load... sounds like my prom dates." Way to know he was scraping the bottom of the barrel in high school. - hannah - nyc, ny

• I really hope this (Colorado/Georgia) score holds up so that at the end of the year one of the teams in the national title game can be a "seven degrees of Montana State" candidate - i.e. Montana State beat Colorado, Colorado beat Georgia, Georgia beat Auburn, etc. - not the quarterback

• All three of the Colorado/Georgia commentators are named Dave. It's just as awesome as it sounds. - phil fraser

• It appears that Chad Henne has a tatoo on his tricep. Or Mario Manningham drew male genetalia on it during film study. - BillySixty

• Every sign behind Herbstreit on SportsCenter this morning pointed out Paterno's incontinence or how Penn State should be kind to the dead and finally bury his rotted corpse. All they were missing was a picture of Sue Paterno with the caption, "Necrophiliac." You stay classy, Ohio. - Tuffy Rhodes

• Tyler Palko is the dark haired Bret Favre. - adampv12

• Rutgers (4-0) has a better record than the following teams: Texas, Notre Dame, LSU, Tennessee, Florida State, Penn State, Miami (Fla.), and Nebraska. Is this heaven? No, it's Piscataway. - lozo