• Does anyone else hear "Please like me! I fit in!" over and over again when Linda Cohn does football highlights? - Derek, Pittsburgh

• It appears that 20 hours of drinking is the magic number for when people start to randomly disappear and fall asleep. I think my heart may explode. Go Benedictine. - goathair_3

• The Ducks bye-week just went under video review. - harperdc

• I think Mario Manningham just scored on Notre Dame again. - goathair_3

• Anyone else find it odd that they announced the spread of the Auburn-Buffalo game in scientific notation? - Suss

• Remind me, why are they called the Fighting Illini? - Ac 00 aC

• Announcers who use "get 'er done" during broadcasts should be taken out and shot. - danny c


• Rob Stone asks an utterly stunned Lloyd Carr why he went for a bomb late in the game instead of taking a knee to run out the clock and he responded with "Uh... well it was uh... third down?"
Rob Stone: "Try and go for the score."
Lloyd Carr: "Uh..."
High high comedy, glad I left the tv on. - Chris J

• There's a guy on The Citadel named Palmer Kitna. He would have been a great fit for the Bengals a few years back. - Covert

• Did JoePa just run to take a pee break with 7 minutes left in the first half? Or is he just late for the early bird dinner specials on High Street? - Nick Chuha


• Whoever is doing the Uconn-Indiana game apparently can't read. 8 of the 11 Uconn defensive starters' names got mispronounced, most notably Dan Davis being called Dave Donald. - tsquared56

• Bob Griese just said "This is the time of year when you get together with your neighbors and see who's toughest." I don't ever remember doing that, but then again, I'm not Italian. - Scoop Mendoza, Notre Dame

• There's a scroll for a tornado warning on all the broadcast channels, and Indiana-UCONN on a cable channel. So really it comes down to "what disaster do I want to keep tabs on?" - The Victoria Times - The Victoria Times

• OSU/PSU just went to commercial and the graphic showed Penn State 24, Ohio State 10, in the 4th quarter—I didn't drink THAT much last night, did I? Did I just black out for two hours? - ImaSaxist

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