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Hey, Euro 2008 officials have ripped off Woody Woodpecker! And made him gay! As The Mighty MJD mentioned over the weekend, Austria and Switzerland, co-hosts of Euro 2008, rolled out their new mascots on Sunday. The two countries had their finest cartoonists labor for more than two years to come up with these, prompting terrified shrieks from school children and a lawsuit from Walter Lantz from the afterlife.

An aside: There were originally four mascots, but tragically two were shot by the Gestapo while trying to cross the Alps.


The twin mascots are due to make their "match" debuts on 11 October, when Austria host Switzerland in a friendly in Innsbruck. The day before the game, the twin mascots will be "christened" in Innsbruck. Their names will be chosen by football fans in Switzerland and Austria, who will be able to vote between 27 September and 8 October for one of the following pairs of names:

Didn't make the cut: Retch and Kvetch; Pixie and Dixie; Siegfried and Roy.

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