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We don't want to make too big of a deal out of this; we are talking about a guy's family here. But it appears clear that that our favorite investigative reporter, who makes a side living busting repeated drunk drivers, should probably keep an eye closer to home.

The daughter of Earth's investigative reporter Carl Monday was arrested over the weekend for drunk driving — her second offense — but the larger issue was her charge for assault. Apparently, Melissa Hollmeyer, who was in Cleveland though she lives in Michigan, "slipped out of one of her handcuffs. When the officers tried to get it back on, she kicked a female officer in one of her legs."


It, obviously, has not been the best of weeks for Carl, but we don't want to harass Carl and his daughter for their personal difficulties and flirtations on the wrong side of the law. That just seems, so, invasive.

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