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You know how it goes. It's a hotly contested game of Madden, or NBA Live, or, say, NCAA Football 07, and you played your ass off and you lost on a last-second touchdown and you think your buddy was sneaking looks at your plays and you threw the controller across the room and you tried to get the loss out of your head but you couldn't and you tried and you couldn't and you tried and couldn't.

The only solution: Stab your opponent while he's sleeping.

Yep. One 34-year-old man, after a particularly devastating loss during an Auburn-Tennessee game on NCAA Football 07, waited until his opponent went to bed with his wife and then stabbed him with a 12-inch butcher knife.

"At first, the victim didn't know he had been stabbed," the sheriff said. "He thought he had been hit. I wouldn't have bet a plugged nickel he would have lived. He went to the hospital with the knife still in his back. ... But I can only assume [the attacker] was on the losing end. The screen was still on when we got there with the score up. It showed Tennessee winning."


The victim is in serious but stable condition; the attacker was tracked down by dogs following the scent of Doritos, Miller Lite and demon weed.

Stabbing Apparently Over Football Video Game [Decatur Daily]

(UPDATE: Here's another great local story on the case.)