For the Rob Gordons of the world out there, few experiences are more satisfying than sifting through old record bins. We once found that famous William Shatner car crash LSD record ... and that was just in our parents' basement.

Blogger Feeding The Goat has found an absolute gem: This '80s anti-drug record of Cincinnati Bengals singing. It's actually just a single, called, compellingly, "Just Say No," and features three 1987 Bengals players — Ira Hillary, Mike Martin and Reggie Williams — trying out their dulcet tones. Some lyrics:

I met a girl so sad and lonely
She said her world was incomplete
Her friends tried to persuade her to do bad things
That's when i had to enter scene, I told her...

Just say no
Keep your self control
Then you'll know your mind is free
I've got too far to go
To get to where I want to be


Fascinatingly, this is precisely what was playing in Odell Thurman's car.

Keep Your Self Control ... [Feeding The Goat]