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We know that CBS Sportsline's Gregg Doyel has this little thing he does occasionally that he calls "Hate Mail." Essentially, like in this most recent incarnation, Doyel responds to angry emails he has received in the most taunting, borderline cruel manner. For example:

Angry Reader Murf: You are an idiot! Know your facts before playing the perfect human! From all of the Cincinnati Bengal fans, you can kiss my (hiney)! You are nothing but a computer geek with bad facts. What is your next title going to be? WHY DIDN'T GOD MAKE EVERYONE LIKE ME? You sorry (expletive) clown!

Gregg Doyel Response: If everyone was like me, who'd make my sandwich at Arby's? That's why God made you, Murf.

In addition, a couple of people were unfortunate enough to have sent in their insults under their real names. Doyel reponds to this by actually looking up information about the person online and posting it in his column.

Now. We understand just how disconcerting it can be to wake up in the morning, open your email and see that someone has called you a "douchefucker." (An actual email we've received; we have no idea what that means.) But, uh, Gregg ... this is the Web. No matter what, some one's going to hate you, someone's going to send you a nasty email in the middle of the night and someone's going to insult you in ways you wouldn't have thought feasible (or even logistically possible). It happens. You kind of have to let it go. When you openly mock the people who read your work, it is not funny or cute or knowing: You just kind of look like a dick. And when you start researching their lives and ripping on them for perceived gain, it's just, well, mean.


It is one thing to send an email to someone that is makes you look like a jackass. It's another entirely to run it in your column for the world to see. You write about sports for a living. It's really not that big of a deal. So just give us some college basketball info. And then be quiet please. No offense.

Hey, the more you know!