We've had some rather thorough discussions of tasering and its effectivness and proper dispersal. But we never thought we'd see it come up at a youth football game.

Actually, yeah: We kinda did. Parents.

Via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, a parent at his kid's eight-and-nine year old peewee football league was so upset by a call that he had to be tasered by an off-duty cop.

"It's disappointing that two adults would come out and act like that. And I think people will see a bit of that and think it's common practice which it isn't," said Tom Lansing, president of the Gateway Football League.

You can watch the footage at WBIR's site, and while we think it's rather unlikely anyone will watch it and think, "hey, that there is common practice!" we nevertheless think an enterprising coach, eager to move his 11-year-old team to the next level, will adopt the controversial "taser as blocking alignment scheme." It's not difficult for your running back to hit the hole when the whole field is hole.

Sure, there are risks involved, but if you want to win, sacrifices must be mad. Just doin' it for the kids, you know.

Fan Cam Captures Youth Football Taser Incident [WBIR] (via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer)