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Say what you will about this little postseason tournament, but we've learned one thing: When you're in the ALDS that doesn't feature the Yankees, you play a heckuva lot of day games. This is Game 3 of the A's-Twins series, and we've now live-blogged all three of them. We know these teams a little too well now, we think. At least this one doesn't require Oakland fans to get up for a 10 a.m. start.

It's the Oakland A's vs the Minnesota Twins. A's trying to clinch the series at home ... did you hear that? The A's can win a playoff series today!

Your pitching matchup is Brad Radke for the Twins and Danny Haren for the A's.

And your live blog begins after the jump. Play along with us in the comments, and email us if you have anything you want to add. Enjoy. It's going to be updating in real-time today, so it should be more fun.