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From Buck O'Neil... to Chris Henry.

Miscreant Chris Henry was handed a two-game suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday by violating the hell out of the league's conduct and substance abuse policies. I'm actually not sure which specific violations this suspension is for. I've lost track, and I think Roger Goodell has, too. He should probably just suspend and/or fine Chris Henry every month or so until Henry's agent starts to complain about it.


The Bengals are off this week, and then Chris Henry will sit out the next two weeks, leaving him with absolutely nothing to do until October 29th when Cincinnati plays the Atlanta Falcons. Twenty-two days, and no responsibilities... if the worst thing that Chris Henry does in those 22 days is puke out the side of a car that a drunk teammate was driving, I would be very very surprised.

Henry's giving up $41,176 in base salary for missing two games (Henry only makes $350,000 a year), and was fined additional $20,000 on top of that. That's a total of $61,176, and man, that's a lot of weed. The fines bring Henry's salary down to under $300,000 for the year, and no wonder the guy is committing crimes while wearing his own jersey. He can't afford a Chad Johnson jersey.

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