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"Illinois' Joe Morgan just assualted, er, I mean just said some unintelligible crap to, no, wait, just tackled an Indiana player. I can't keep my Joe Morgan's straight." - Kill Bill Wirtz

"Joe Morgan just said, 'There's nobody more valuable to their team than Albert Pujols.' [pause] 'Of course you could say the same thing about Ryan Howard.' " - jmcdoggy


"Has anybody else ever had a nightmare where Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver end up in the same booth?" - Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom

Linked in part because that's the greatest name for a blog that has ever existed.

"Is ESPN transmitting the Clemson/Wake audio signal via the Mir space station?" - Unsilent Majority


"The Air Force Academy just had their commercial. Evidently, all caders are asian, black or female. Not a single white guy in the ad even if its 80% cracker." - OhFtbll

"I don't believe a soul in the Metrodome cares about Minnesota-Penn State. The croud is listless, Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried are just mumbling quietly, and I swear I just saw Joe Paterno playing bridge with my grandmother" . - Victoria Times

"Michigan State should try doing their flag plant at center field before they start the game at Michigan. Then they can pretend they won and have an imaginary victory party before UM realizes what happened." - Greenmightymoose, Colorado


"I have been drinking 24 hours straight without sleep since the A's clinched yesterday, and the first thing I see on TV is a sign with Corso loving cock on it." - Dynamic Hispanic

"OK, my buddy just put his OU coozy in the microwave to dry it off before the game starts. It's now smoking. Who knew neoprene could burn?" - andtinez

"The most exciting thing about the 4th quarter of the Indiana/Illinois game is a bug on the lens of the main camera." - BM069