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Philadelphia @ New Orleans. This game's sort of similar to the Seattle/St. Louis game, actually, except they aren't division rivals. But it's a young team that wasn't supposed to be this good, looking to jump and bite one of the established teams in the conference. They catch Philadelphia right after an emotional win, they get them at home... the opportunity is right there for them. It's also Donte Stallworth's emotional return to New Orleans, where... actually, they never really liked him there. Also, he might not play. But other than that, it's a great storyline.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh. It feels like the Steelers have been playing must-win games for about a month now, and they have yet to round into form. It's not that they're a terrible team, as their defense has been pretty solid, but offensively, the Steelers have been as ugly as Joey Porter's face. Roethlisberger's been terrible, Hines Ward isn't the same player, and Joe Randa has actually started a couple of games for them as their second wide receiver. The Steelers are about to become the first team in league history to go from "we have to win this game" one week, directly to "you know, if we lose this one, we get a better draft pick" the next.


Seattle @ St. Louis. Rams vs. Seahawks is clearly the game of the week, due to the heated little rivalry that's developing between these two teams, and also the lack of other compelling contests on the NFL dockett this week. The Seahawks are the defending conference champion, expected to cruise easily through the division this year, but St. Louis has been the more impressive team this season. Shaun Alexander's still out, the Seahawks haven't played well on the road... the opportunity is there for them to put their thing down.

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