Jets 3, Dolphins 0. The NFL should step in and stop this game at halftime. It is a black mark on the entire league, their image, and their commitment to provide their fans with a quality product. Joey Harrington is 7-of-13 for 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Chad Pennington has a total of 56 yards. If you absolutely needed to find a bright spot here, it would be Ronnie Brown with 64 yards.

Steelers 31, Chiefs 0. It's every bit as bad as the score would indicate. I don't even think the Chiefs have turned the ball over... the Steelers are just doing anything they want, on both sides of the ball. The Chiefs can't move it, they can't stop the Steelers from moving it... it's a shame the Chiefs aren't playing the Dolphins or Jets, so they could compete.


Chargers 28, 49ers 19. It hasn't quite gone to half yet, but somehow, the 49ers are scoring against the Chargers. I'm not surprised that the Chargers have 28, but it does surprise me that the 49ers have 19, including a safety of Philip Rivers. LaDainian Tomlinson has two touchdowns.

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