A while back, we told you about our new commenting system, and how if you were not a registered commenter, you could submit a comment and if it met the standards set by The Commentist Manifesto, you'd be approved and your comments would start showing up.

Well, if you haven't had your comment appear, it might not necessarily be because you're not good enough; it's most likely our fault. We fell behind in our approval/disapproval maintenance, so a lot of worthy comments weren't posted.


We did our best to fix that this weekend. So if you suddenly find yourself having created a comment account and it's working, apropos of nothing, it's because we finally got around to approving it. So, check it out and see if it works now. If it doesn't, well, keep trying. We'll be quicker about it in the future, promise.

The Commentist Manifesto [Deadspin]

(By the way, we also cleared out some bad commenting accounts this weekend, so if yours suddenly isn't working, it's either because you were a bad, bad person ... or we're having our typical tech problems.)