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OK, now that we have the floor, we, like pretty much everybody not from the Bay Area, were ecstatic to see the Detroit Tigers clinch their first World Series trip since 1984 over the weekend, in pretty much the most exciting way possible: A walk-off shot at home. We love the above Getty Images photo of the fans right after the ball went over the wall; it's rare that human beings collectively jump and shriek in pure mad joy, and it's what we love most about sports. It's difficult to find anything else that makes people spontanously do that.

Sports can be so infused with negativity and anger and frustration, and this moment, with teams like the Tigers, we are all reminded why we put ourselves through it all. Reading sites like Detroit Tigers Weblog and Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass have put us in downright giddy moods.


So congratulations, Detroit. We're kind of hoping our birds will see you there soon.