We would like to take a moment to salute commenters Christ Sabo (who first posited the idea) and twoeightnine (for his brilliant, terrifying designs), along with the rest of you — we particularly liked this MDT post — for your mad, breathtaking work on the ESPN Radio "underground" email from yesterday. We are still bewildered by the initial email; the only time we've ever been underground has been on the subway and during an unfortunate sand castle incident. But hey: The folks are easily spooked, we guess.

Anyway, the accompanying design is the one twoeightnine put together, and though we find it beyond surreal — we'd never had our picture on a T-shirt before, except for the time our grandmother had the carnies iron-on a photo of the two of us at the Coles County Fair in 1986 — we can't help but laugh at it. We also now know what we'd look like if we could grow a mustache. Perhaps he'll let us know how we can purchase one in the comments, because we know it will scare the crap out of our parents. If only we could get some radio publicity for it ...

Coming To You Live From The "Underground" [Deadspin]

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