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According to our deep, inside, exclusive-to-us-only sources, the weather in St. Louis today is miserable ... but more in a "are we really supposed to sit out here through 30 La Russa/Randolph pitching changes?" way rather than a "it's getting rained out?" way. So the pivotal Game 5 is here, with Tom Glavine and Jeff Weaver, both on full rest, try to match their performances from Game 1. (Weaver lost, but we'd absolutely take two runs in six innings again.)

While the Cardinals' medical report remains "scary," and the Mets fans twiddle their thumbs during a series that seems like it will never end, we prepare for yet another night of this. The Cardinals have a clear pitching advantage in both Games 6 and 7, but they will be played in Shea, so that makes tonight's game pretty much the deck-clearer.


And we're absolutely not ready. But jeez ... we gotta be due some karma after that MNF game, right?

No midnight posts tonight. We're not going to be able to do anything until morning. Feel free to talk during the game here, if you like. We'll be too scared to look.