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Think you guys can handle one more Mike Tyson bit? Sure, why not, right?

We are conditioned to enjoy any blog entry that starts with the phrase, "I just had a roller coaster of an interview with Heidi Fleiss." Yeah, we bet. At The Movable Buffet, which is a rather outstanding name for a site about Las Vegas, there's an interview with the most famous distributor of women for sexual purposes in which she says Tyson is interested in working at her brothel.

To quote her: "It was in June. I said to him, 'You going to be my stud?' And he said, 'Heidi I don't care what any man says. It's every man's dream to please every woman no matter how old, how young, how fat, how pretty, how ugly, it's every man's dream to please every woman and especially get paid for it.' And, he goes, 'Hell yeah, I'll be your number one stud.'"

At first we were rather confused, because we thought Tyson might work at Fleiss' brothel to please men, which, considering he wants to fight women now, seems potentially like a fitting switch. Though one could also call that "prison."


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(UPDATE: Jesus, look who they're letting fight on this "tour." Yipes.)