This video, shot by a fan from the Comerica Field left-field bleachers just beyond where Maggio Ordonez hit his World Series-trip-clinching home run Saturday afternoon, is yet another example of why baseball is the greatest thing on earth. (At least until the Cardinals blow the next two, which is no way a reverse jinx.) We think Detroit's going to be pretty ready for Saturday evening.

By the way, a reader sends in the following story:


I have a quick question for you. About 3 weeks ago, my friend purchased playoff tickets for the Tigers with a few other guys and divided them up so each person got tickets to one game each round. My friend promised me repeatedly over the past 21 days that I would go to the World Series with him because he had 2 tickets for Game 2 in Detroit on Sunday, I was the biggest fan he knew, we've been friends for 10 years etc, etc. The ticket was mine, it had been promised to me repeatedly and I couldnt be more excited. So yesterday he calls to tell me that I'm NOT going to the game and instead he's taking some girl.


So my question is: What do I do? The only reaction I can think of is murder. If I did murder him would any jury convict me? Can I ever talk to him again? He took away a Tigers World Series ticket; if he had run over my dog and punched my mom in the face, I don't think I would be this devastated. Help.

You can kill him. Seriously. You can. It's the law. Need help?