The place: Midvale, Utah. The event: Youth football game: The crime: Terrorism. The weapon: Lawn chair. The date: Well, a couple of days ago, actually.

James Kranz, a parent attempting to record a middle school football game from the school's roof was misidentified as a sniper, causing police to evacuate hundreds of people from the field. "An officer saw a man on top of the roof, walking around, pacing back and forth," police Sgt. Gregg Olsen said. "He was acting extremely suspicious." It turned out to be a lawn chair that Kranz had with him — not a gun.

Our favorite part:

Kranz jumped down from the roof and ran when officers tried to get him to drop to his knees and show his hands, Olsen said.

As a result, officer Fife was once again ordered to turn in his bullet.

Dad Recording Football Game Mistaken For Sniper [WSMV Nashville]