We're a fatalist, to be sure, but you could kind of tell matters weren't going to go the Cardinals' way last night when the Cardinals had the bases loaded in the first inning and didn't score. The way the series was turning, if Scott Rolen would have gapped one to clear the bases, the Mets might never have recovered. And then we'd almost certainly not be awake right now, most likely still doing cartwheels naked through Central Park with "Carpenter #29" written all over us in paint.

That didn't happen, though, and then Jose Reyes homered, and after that, it felt like a big party for Mets fans. It still feels ominous, but then again, it always feels ominous.


Credit due, by the way, to Mets fans at Shea, none of whom threw anything at us despite our obvious Cardinals allegiance. They booed one Cardinals fan pretty loudly, but that's because he stopped and took off his hat and waved and bowed and mocked them, and despite our shared sports lineage, he deserved the scorn he received. We're a Cardinals fan, but we do still live in New York; blatantly taunt the fans, and you get what's coming to you.

Besides, it was easy for Mets fans to be magnanimous last night. And now tonight. The Cardinals have played in more Game 7s than any other franchise. So hey, what's one more?

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