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So, longtime commenters, you've probably been wondering why our old friend Captain Caveman, the nom de plum of Matt Ufford, has been quieter than usual around these parts over the last few weeks.

Well, turns out, the guy has up and gotten himself a full-time sports blogging job — see? Another initiative to comment attentively and diligently — through the Gorilla Mask network, and we're liking the way she looks so far. It's called, in a name that makes us happy,, which is undoubtedly a reference to famous Grease character Betty Rizzo.


Money quote so far: "The Cardinals? Pfft. Too many whiteys. Even the black guys have white prep school names (Preston Wilson). And don't try to tell me Pujols is Hispanic. He's a 26-year-old balding man named Albert. It doesn't get any whiter than that."

Welcome to the party, Ufford. Don't forget the little guys on your way up.