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The week began with violence and bravado, but has concluded in ignominious regret. Yes, it's time for the "sorry" roundup. And while none of these apologies rise to the level of that of that of the great Pete Rose, rest assured that all of the participants are nonetheless terribly filled with shame.

Sorry For That Very Regrettable, Very White Brawl With Yale Holy Cross." — Dartmouth Football Team.

"Sorry For Setting Off That Nuke." — Kim Jong Ill.

• "That Whole Blowing Up Seven NFL Stadiums Thing? Just My Wacky Sense Of Humor. Sorry" — Internet Terrorism Guy.


"Sorry For Stealing Steve Lyons' Material." — NASCAR Truck Series broadcaster Ray Dunlop.

Sorry I Didn't Aim The Knife A Little Higher And Finish The Jo ... Um, So Sorry, Your Honor. — University of Northern Colorado backup punter Mitchell Cozad.

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