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Our first thought when we heard of the NFL "terror threat" on Thursday? Al Qaeda is slipping; Osama is just phoning it in at this point. As Sportsocracy pointed out (in a post we mentioned on Thursday), three of the seven prospective terror targets were hosting afternoon games. What, the terrorists thought that after four bombs went off in the morning, no one was going to get wise at the other stadiums? "Oh, what is that — a bowling ball with a candle wick in it? Come right in, sir, let me take your ticket."

Anyway, it's official: It was all a hoax. It was allegedly perpetrated by a 20-year-old Milwaukee man, who was questioned by authorities and released.

The Associated Press reported that the man in Milwaukee told the FBI he posted the threat as part of a writing duel with a man in Brownsville, Tex., to see who could post the scariest threat.

We wonder what the Brownsville guy came up with. Our guess:

"ESPN Monday Night Football crew to add Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith."

Imagine the sheer, utter, uncontainable panic in the streets.

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(UPDATE: By the way, according to this story, one of the guys who made the "threat" could run this site.)