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In the tradition of opposing mayors/governors placing ridiculous "bets" on their cities' teams winning the World Series — "OK, if your team wins, we'll give you rising gentrification figures and eroding public schools; if ours does, we'd like some of your famous baked ham" — we have decided to accept a little wager of our own.

Over there at Gawker, editor Alex Balk, in addition to being a fan of the New Orleans Saints, is a huge Detroit Tigers backer. (The guys at Jalopnik are too.) And so Mr. Balk came to us with a bet: If his Tigers win the World Series, we have to do his job for a day: Writing Gawker posts. This is in addition to our regular job, which is writing Deadspin posts. And if the Cardinals win, same deal applies: He's gotta do his job, and do ours.

This is the most fun job we've ever had, but it does require a lot of work: We can't imagine doing the work of two sites. So this is a legitimately scary wager. So, in other words, unless you want to see us trying to pretend we know something about Page Six and Anderson Cooper — who's gay, by the way — go Cardinals.


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