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I tried to look around for a more colorful recap of last night's Mike Tyson "fight," but honestly, there was enough in the Associated Press article to amuse me. Fans who were lucky enough to be in attendance for the first stop on "Mike Tyson's World Tour" were treated to twelve golden minutes of Mike punching an ugly guy in the face, and then holding him up so he didn't flop to the canvas like the giant meatbag he is.

Both men fought in t-shirts, Sanders wore headgear, and his eye still looked like that. The recap here at speculates that Sanders was instructed not to hit Tyson in the face, which kind of makes sense... at least, as much sense anything can make in this whole giant insult to human dignity. As bad as this all seems right now, how much more pathetic would it be if Tyson got his ass kicked by a guy in headgear?


But my favorite part of the AP article is when they quote a ringside fan as shouting, "Rip off!"

Ya think so, pal?

(UPDATE: also his this report that Mike Tyson has signed up for a celebrity fight against Tom Jones. Yes, the 66-year-old singer, Tom Jones. I think this is actually real. Perhaps fans would be more entertained by a measuring contest.)


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