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Will briefly mentioned yesterday in the apology post that a NASCAR broadcaster made some disparaging comments about Hispanic NASCAR fans, but none of the AP reports knew exactly what he said. I did a little googling, and found a couple of people who heard ol' Ray.

This one's from 'Jayski20' on the SpeedTV message board:

Michael (Waltrip) said that 10% of the NASCAR fanbase is Hispanic or Latino and Ray carried on very animated saying he was outside of his mind, saying something to the effect that the only people he sees that are hispanic at the race track were working there and starting babbling in German...and that you have to go to Miami or Texas to see Hispanics.

And from commentor Carrie here at John Newsom's blog at

Someone mentioned Hispanics were 10% of the NASCAR viewing audience and Ray said something to the affect of 'yeah right. The only Hispanics you see at a race track on the ones working there.'


It's as if the man was trying to say, "Steve Lyons, you are an amateur. This is how you you slander an ethnic group." And then he went out and backed it up. As for why he started babbling in German afterwards... I don't even want to think about what he might've meant.

Oh, and by the way: Ray Dunlap, suspended. Steve Lyons, fired.


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