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Paul Hornung's pants fell off at the Notre Dame pep rally last night. Look into this. - J from ND

(Confirmed, and confirmed. You know, there was a time when Paul Hornung could've had his pants fall down, looked around at the crowd, pointed downward and said, "Ladies?" And Paul Hornung would've been just fine.)


Grillpiece? Hugh Johnson is so gangsta for a sports reporting outlet available only on the internet. - goathair_3


I'm glad ABC realizes that us West Coasters would much rather be watching "The Suite Life With Zack & Cody" than Texas-Nebraska. - Bobby


(Yeah, well, we'll all be jealous when you're watching that hot San Jose St. @ Nevada game at 7:00.)

Sign on Gameday: One Ball Is Not Enough. Lance Armstrong couldn't agree more. - David Ubben, Columbia, MO (via Fayetteville, AR)

Brent Musberger is a metrosexual Indiana Jones. - Lee Corso's Baby Arm

Nebraska has a WR who just scored named "Purify". As a touchdown celebration, he should jump into Lake Minnetonka, right? - Pecktacular

What do you think the odds are that Nebraska brings Lawrence Phillips out of jail to start the second half? And how many yards would he run for? 200? How many people would have to die? 15? - Geoff, NYC

Just FYI... Miss October 2006 Jordan Monroe goes to Nebraska... and is Terrence Nunn's girlfriend. - Playboy Chris

I hope that Musberger keeps using Big Red to describe everything. "Let's send it down to Lisa Salter's Big Red Booty. And now a game break with the Big Red studio crew and Big Red Doug Flutie. - TheNumberZero


Texas' kicker just came up about 8 yards short on a 47 yeard field goal attempt with a 15 mph tail-wind. He must have a Johnny Damon arm for a leg. - Brandon, Lawrence, KS