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You know why I love SEC Football? Because during timeouts they go to promos for Brooks & Dunn concerts at the National Rodeo Finals. - Josh Da Cane

So, what, is this the week that the karma Gods even their tab with Will? All that suffering before, but now, the Cards hit the series, and the Illini is beating Penn State? What next, Arizona wins tomorrow? What? They're playing the Raiders? There's the trifecta! - ImaSaxist


Scratch that last comment. Illinois' tastefully named QB Juice just fumbled, PSU took it back for a TD. - ImaSaxist

Just got back from the track... drank in the parking lot and never made it in to bet. Two weekends without Hugh Johnson are two too many. - Mikel, Lexington, KY

Seriously, could they have more Colt McCoy comments and coverage here? I feel like I'm watching an NFL game, and Colt McCoy is Archie Manning's illegitimate son. - huskerfanboston


Nebraska special teams coach resume should be up on Monster by about 5 pm. - Preciousroy

What a day for Sean Astin, a UCLA grad. His actual school against his "adopted" school. I think Domers would have a heart attack if they found out that "Rudy" is rooting against them today. - CJB

If they mention Vontae Davis' Grandmother one more time, Im gonna fly to DC and take his Grandmother out for a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again! - Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint