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I don't know if you heard, but the Cardinals won the National League Championship Series. They'll be the guys heading to Detroit tonight to finally get the Tigers off of their lazy asses to play a little baseball. The 2006 World Series gets underway at 7:30 on Fox, and with any luck, Tim McCarver will have ample opportunities to wax poetic about Cardinals superstar Luis Pujols.

Jalopnik's Ray Wert, as you may remember from last weekend, is an unabashed Tigers fan, and we'll have something from him tomorrow to, one way or another, counterbalance the omnipresent Deadspin Cardinal love.

It may not be a sexy matchup. They might be the first two teams that had sub-.500 second half records to ever meet in a World Series, and it might be the first time that two rookie pitchers have ever gone head-to-head in a Game 1. The Tigers, given their lay-off, might be rustier and creakier than Donna Shalala's hoohoodilly. But it's still World Series baseball, and there's still beer, fudge 'ems, and Gawker posts on the line.

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