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(13) Georgia Tech 7, (12) Clemson 31. Clemson was a little early for Halloween, but their Grimace costumes were a hit anyway. Clemson officials claim that no team had ever worn head-to-toe purple in the modern era of college football, but didn't seem to understand that there's was a reason for that. Clemson held Tech's stud receiver Calvin Johnson without a catch, and Clemson's James Davis ran for 216 yards.

(5) Texas 22, (17) Nebraska 20. You might have seen highlights of the Texas/Nebraska game, but if you didn't see the original broadcast, you missed Brent Musburger's amazing ability to distill the entire essence of the game into three syllables: "Colt. (slight pause) McCooooy." Texas kicker Ryan Bailey came on in the final seconds to kick the game-winner after the regular kicker came down with some kind of a leg problem.


(2) Michigan 20, Iowa 6. Not the prettiest of wins for Michigan over Iowa, but that was a pretty common theme for teams in the Top 25. Iowa, on 24 total carries, could only get 41 yards on the ground. And the frightening statistic is that only three teams on Michigan's schedule so far have done better than that. Michigan now only has to survive Northwestern, Ball State, and Indiana to get to the Buckeye game undefeated.

(10) Notre Dame 20, UCLA 17. When UCLA stopped Notre Dome on a 4th-and-1 with 2:22 to play, Bruin fans and Notre Dame haters everywhere had every reason to feel safe in rejoicing. That was until Notre Dame went 80 yards in 30 seconds, capped by a 45-yard touchdown throw and catch by America's sweethearts, Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija. Said Karl Dorrell after the loss, "They are who we THOUGHT they were. And we let 'em off the hook."

(19) Rutgers 20, Pittsburgh 10. It feels like it's been a while since a game between the Big East's third and fourth teams meant anything. But the Rutgers win over Pitt keeps Rutgers undefeated, keeps Pitt out of the Top 25, and keeps Rutgers defense as the #1 scoring defense in the nation. Rutgers ran 66 total offensive plays, and 39 of them were handoffs to Ray Rice, who went for 225 yards on the ground.


Top 25 Scores:

(1) Ohio State 44, Indiana 3
(6) Louisville 28, Syracuse 13
(7) Tennessee 16, Alabama 13
(8) Auburn 38, Tulane 13
(10) Notre Dame 20, UCLA 17
(11) Cal 31, Washington 24
(14) LSU 31, Fresno State 6
(15) Arkansas 38, Mississippi 3
Washington State 34, (16) Oregon 23
(18) Boise State 42, Idaho 26
(20) Oklahoma 24, Colorado 3
(21) Wisconsin 24, Purdue 3
(22) Boston College 24, Florida State 19
(23) Texas A&M 34, Oklahoma State 33
(24) Missouri 41, Kansas State 21