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In the NBA, Tyrone Nesby is probably best known for being the crazy guy on Michael Jordan-led Washington Wizards team that was terrible, dysfunctional, and sad. His career, though, took him on a journey to Lithuania... and one small change of scenery was all Tyrone Nesby, roleplayer, needed to become T-Nes, balla extraordinaire.

JE Skeets at The Basketball Jones stumbled onto the T-Nes experience, and then passed the information along to Wizznutzz, and when Skeets and Wizznutzz collaborate... it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good. From Wizznutzz:

Now if you check from T-Ne 's website, you see him relaxing in the Dnepr-Bug drainage basin aka Darius Songalia Memorial BLVD like he owns the damn place! and thats cuz he just about does because since T-Ne has backing of powerful Lithuanian Mafia Seimos Lygino Asilas aka The Family of The Iron DOnkey and he is now like Vilinius' Most Notorious, and he rolls through town with 24" spinners on his Yugo, kicks it in his delux 300 sqft, 7 bedroom loft with its vaulted 6' ceilings and tru cement floors, hes wearing top luxury goat skin trenchcoats with London Fog labels sewn inside, and he wont think not 2 seconds about dropping 4, even 5 euros, on VIP tab for fermented milk bottle service.

You can find T-Nes's website (available in English and Lithuanian) here, where you can listen to his hip-hop stylings. And if you think T-Nes isn't doing well with the Lithuanian ladies, then have a listen to "Music T-nes (If you dont know Englisch)," and then see what you think, mister.

Either the competition in basketball and rap isn't as fierce in Lithuania as it is in the United States, or Tyrone Nesby has really stepped up his game.

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