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Buccaneers 23, Eagles 21. Tampa Bay kicker Matt Bryant has a leg like Tom Jones's dick. Bryant hit a 62-yarder with no time left on the clock to give the Buccaneers the win, and actually put them on a little bit of a winning streak. Donovan McNabb threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, but also three interceptions... two of which were Ronde Barber touchdowns.

Kansas City 30, San Diego 27. Lawrence Tynes is a superstar, too. With 10 seconds on the clock, he lined up for a 48-yarder, and made it. False start, Kansas City. Tynes again, this time from 53... and he converts it as well. When the Chargers get the schedule from now, they should just look for the day that says, "@ Kansas City" and mark it "forfeit." Arrowhead tortures them.

New England 28, Buffalo 6. New England stomped a mudhole in Buffalo, as I suspected they might. The highlight was a weird, feet-shuffling Chad Jackson touchdown dance that I really don't know how to describe to you. Imagine Chad Johnson's Riverdance, if he was drunk and wearing socks on a linoleum floor..

Pittsburgh 38, Atlanta 38. I know I said I was pretty sure the Steelers were going to win ths one... but much of that confidence evaporated when Ben Roethlsiberger took a shot to the head that left him looking even more concussed than he usually does. He left in the second half, and didn't come back. We're heading to overtime.


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