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Raiders 22, Cardinals 9. Gather the '76 Tampa Bay Bucs for their yearly champagne toast... there are no more winless teams in the NFL. Cardinals QB Matt Leinart fell back to earth this week, and he landed in a pit of ugly. The game's not quite over, but Leinart's currently 12-of-31 for 194 yards and two interceptions. The highlight of the game for me was Tony Siragusa trying to guess Andrew Walter's inseam. He says it's a 36 or a 38.

Colts 36, Redskins 22. Remember those nice things I said about the Redskins at the halftime update? Yeah, nevermind. In fact, you might be better off if you start ignoring everything I say, if you're not already. If you get a chance to watch some highlights, look for a goal line play to Marvin Harrison where Mike Rumph just decides immediately after the snap that it's too difficult to try to cover him.

Broncos 17, Browns 7. They'll lead the AFC West by themselves after this, and their defense just might be the best in the league, but... how can a team have Super Bowl aspirations when Jake Plummer is going 20-for-41 for 209 yards 1 TD, and 2 interceptions against the Browns?

Minnesota 31, Seattle 13. That's an ass-beating. And to add injury to the insult, Matt Hasselbeck left the game for Seattle with a sprained knee. The difference was the ground game... one team had one, and one team didn't. Minnesota's Chester Taylor went for 169 yards on 26 carries, and Seattle's Maurice Morris could get just 49 yards on 17 carries.

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