So you're sitting at home with your family, minding your own business, watching "Two And A Half Men," or whatever the hell it is families watch at home, when out of nowhere, a SWAT team busts through your door at gunpoint.

Scary, right? It turns out that they had misread an IP address on a child porn raid, and went after the wrong house. But that's not the real terrifying part. The worst aspect: They brought Shaquille O'Neal with them.


According to The Agitator: it appears that of all people, NBA star Shaquille O'Neal participated in this raid — as a police officer. One MeFi poster who lives in the area claims to have seen O'Neal. Another says O'Neal's presence on the raid was confirmed in the local newspaper — which unfortunately doesn't make its articles available online. A press release from the Roanoke district of the U.S. Marshals Service —which assists the Blue Ridge Thunder task force in executing raids — seems to confirm that Shaq is indeed a reserve member of the force.

We are always amused by Shaq's insistence that he come along with police officers on their rounds, and this is the best story of this yet. That family must have thought someone slipped some acid in their corn flakes.

From the Files of "Shit You Can't Make Up:" Shaquille O'Neal Terrorizes Innocent Family in Wrong-Door SWAT Raid [The Agitator]