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Ordinarily, we try to ignore the New York Post's Phil Mushnick; he's the gnattering old guy constantly yelling at the kids to get the hell off his porch. (Not that we have an inherent problem with this; Dr. Z has made a career out of it. But at least he's a nasty wine drunk, and that goes a long way.) But he's got an anecdote today that's just too juicy to possibly resist.

It concerns Stephen A. Smith and his birthday.

Two weeks ago, ESPN 1050's Stephen A. Smith said he never celebrates his birthday because it's the anniversary of his brother's death. We're not sure why he'd choose to bring up such a sad, personal thing, but OK, he did.

This past week, Smith spoke of how he's hung over, having spent the weekend drinking, clubbing and partying - in celebration of his birthday.


You know, we'd really like to go clubbing with Stephen A. Smith. We mean, really. I THINK THESE BEATS ARE FANTASTIC I AM READY TO SHAKE IT RIGHT NOW WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TASTY CHEESY DOODLES

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