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Scanning the blogs following the Cardinals' 5-0 win over the Tigers in Game 3 of the World Series ...

Go Crazy Folks. You wonder how it felt for the St. Louis native Zach Miner to be pitching in the World Series, at Busch of all places and he gets 2 bad swings from Albert Pujols? Probably pretty good, at least before he drilled the big guy. Albert didn't seem amused. 2 wins in the Series feels a lot better then 0 wins. These Tigers can be had, but it ain't gonna be easy going up against Jeremy Bonderman tomorrow.

Motown Sports Revival. I don't know how the World Series is going to end. The Tigers could easily get wins from Jeremy Bonderman in game four and Kenny Rogers in game six to force a game seven. What I do know is that Jim Leyland "dropped the ball" big-time by limiting Bonderman to one start in the series.

Bellyitcher. Ever wonder what the big-wigs do the night before the World Series? I hadn't really either, until I got the opportunity to go to the 2006 World Series Gala at the City Museum last night. Free food and booze? I'm there! We arrived after 9:00, so most of the front office types were long gone, but I did hear that I just missed a very trashed Todd Jones. And I saw Dave Campbell and The Strokes. I had hoped that they would be doing the national anthem or God Bless America, but no such luck. I guess they just came for the Bud Light.

Viva El Birdos. sweet. carpenter couldn't have looked better; the curve was back, and it was unhittable. the bats still aren't there — only 2 rbis tonight (luv ya, edmonds) — but it was good to see eckstein get a coupla hits. preston wilson got on base 3 times, rolen continues to swing it well. . . . they beat a left-handed pitcher. and they had to have that game. excellent win. they're halfway home.


The Detroit Tigers Weblog. It's not so much the loss that is troubling. I actually expected Detroit to lose this game just based on the pitching match-up. It's that once again they looked so incredibly bad in losing.