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Scanning the blogs following the Cardinals' 5-0 win over the Tigers in Game 3 of the World Series ...

• Go Crazy Folks. You wonder how it felt for the St. Louis native Zach Miner to be pitching in the World Series, at Busch of all places and he gets 2 bad swings from Albert Pujols? Probably pretty good, at least before he drilled the big guy. Albert didn't seem amused. 2 wins in the Series feels a lot better then 0 wins. These Tigers can be had, but it ain't gonna be easy going up against Jeremy Bonderman tomorrow.

• Motown Sports Revival. I don't know how the World Series is going to end. The Tigers could easily get wins from Jeremy Bonderman in game four and Kenny Rogers in game six to force a game seven. What I do know is that Jim Leyland "dropped the ball" big-time by limiting Bonderman to one start in the series.

• Bellyitcher. Ever wonder what the big-wigs do the night before the World Series? I hadn't really either, until I got the opportunity to go to the 2006 World Series Gala at the City Museum last night. Free food and booze? I'm there! We arrived after 9:00, so most of the front office types were long gone, but I did hear that I just missed a very trashed Todd Jones. And I saw Dave Campbell and The Strokes. I had hoped that they would be doing the national anthem or God Bless America, but no such luck. I guess they just came for the Bud Light.

• Viva El Birdos. sweet. carpenter couldn't have looked better; the curve was back, and it was unhittable. the bats still aren't there — only 2 rbis tonight (luv ya, edmonds) — but it was good to see eckstein get a coupla hits. preston wilson got on base 3 times, rolen continues to swing it well. . . . they beat a left-handed pitcher. and they had to have that game. excellent win. they're halfway home.


• The Detroit Tigers Weblog. It's not so much the loss that is troubling. I actually expected Detroit to lose this game just based on the pitching match-up. It's that once again they looked so incredibly bad in losing.