Josh Beckett's no-hitter was a story of redemption—the redemption, by you, of a coupon code in exchange for a medium two-topping pizza from Dominos. Americans love free pizza, but there's a necessary corollary: they hate not having free pizza. was unprepared for the crush at 3 p.m. EDT today, when registered users were first allowed to try and claim their coupon code. The site was slow, and down, and timed out, and did whatever it could to keep you from your hot, savory pizza (carryout only). There were only 20,000 codes available—far too few to sate the gaping maws of baseball fans. By the time most people got through, it was too late: All the codes had been claimed.


Here then, is some Americana. A snapshot of frustration—often winking, occasionally genuinely and very angry—on the part of an internet denied free stuff.

Actually, I think this post is the backlash.

The pizza-craving masses will presumably get one more shot at their gratis pies; the promotion covers the first two no-hitters of the 2014 season. But even if today was a disaster for most, there were still 20,000 fans who cashed in. Who are these success stories?

The pizza's at Tyler's house! Everybody get him!